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Students Painting the United States of America on a Playground


Welcome to the home of the Vikings, where our mission is to work together as a team to build a safe community for our learners that enables each to focus on maximizing their best potential for success as they embark on their educational journey, allowing for a smooth transition into society itself. Founded in 1962, Syringa Elementary School is part of the Pocatello/Chubbuck School District 25. Mrs. Becky Bullock is the school's Principal.

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Esme is a very hard worker and does her best each day. She always listens to her teachers and says the nicest things to brighten my day. I get a picture or note from her a couple of days a week. In March, Esme brought me in a picture of a rainbow with a pot of gold at the end of it. She wrote the following: ‘If I found a pot of Gold I would get you a gift every day! Love Esme.’

Ms. Jennifer Haskett, Kindergarten Teacher

I love Syringa because I have recess and playing on the toys. My teacher lets us go out early sometimes.

Noah S., 1st grade learner

I love Syringa because I love its playground, the teachers are nice, there are no bullies, and that is why I love Syringa.

Ireland D., 3rd grade learner

What I love about Syringa is that all my teachers, special teachers, and friends are all AMAZING! I like our Peer Leaders and that I can rely on them. Go Vikings!

Maddie M., 4th grade learner

I have never had a teacher who didn’t show they cared. All of them are very understanding to my classmates and me.

Addie R., 5th grade learner

I treasure the experiences I had during my 32 years at Syringa. My students touched my life. The parents were supportive of their children and appreciated caring teachers. I had the opportunity of teaching two generations. I have been able to see them succeed in their chosen professions. Several are teachers!! We had great instructors who have remained close friends over the years. GO VIKINGS!!

Rita Haggardt, former teacher

As a former Viking, I remember Mrs. E. Hegsted reading Wayside stories to us and she would change the characters to make one of them match a student within our class.

Officer J. Johnson, DARE Officer

I'm a proud Viking through and through. Syringa was such a fun place to grow and learn! I can still remember my first day of Kindergarten being greeted by my teacher Ms. Rash and meeting my first school friend Aaron.

Scott Eldredge, former learner

I attended Syringa Elementary for 1-6th grade. I have fond memories of my teachers, in particular Mrs. Haggardt. I can't tell you what I learned that year, but I knew one thing for certain: I knew Mrs. Haggardt loved and cared about me!

Chuck Orr, former PCSD 25 Director of Curriculum